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Where to go for rosacea support

Googling ‘rosacea’ gives you a bewildering range of products and websites so thought we’d share and link some of the most common and valuable support resources in one, handy place.


Clearly the first port of call for many people in the UK, the NHS website is a reliable source of information on health issues including rosacea.

Good for: General advice, the start of your rosacea journey, symptom checking.

British Skin Foundation’s Rosacea pages and forums

Provides a more tailored focus on skin conditions and provides more specific advice on the potential treatments available. There is an active forum that you can use to connect to fellow rosacea sufferers and ask or search for chat topics

The BSF forums are run by TalkHealth and can be found here:

Good for: Further reading, skin specific forums, success stories

National Rosacea Society

This US based charity is one of the foremost spaces to get detailed and professional information on all things rosacea. It has extensive, clinical information on rosacea and is the place you are most likely to get up to date information in research and progress in treatments etc.

Good for: condition specific information, tips and trick on effective management, signposting to additional information.

The Rosacea Forum

A specialist collection of public forums completely devoted to rosacea. With a large body of conversations available, it is a great place to discuss your condition with others and potentially find answers or recommendations from others with the condition.

Good for: the volume of information and stories available

Reddit's Rosacea Forum

A super lively space for questions, morale support and skincare recommendations. With the option to connect in with other interelated topics (I.e. r/30plusskincare) - this is a great option for quick connections to a group of people with experience of managing their condition.

Good for: large pool of people to connect with, quick chats and responses

And of course there are many others - this is the pick of the ones I have engaged with. Each of these spaces can serve different people at different times. The body of information, both researched and anecdotal, can be overwhelming, but with a bit of targetted searching, you should be able to navigate to pretty much whatever you need.

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