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If you've got a skin condition like rosacea, then you have also probably spent hours online scrolling through hundreds of products or reading countless forums about the best products out there. 

It is SO HARD to navigate - with hundreds of brands, products, routines and ingredients lists.


We want to make it easier for people to not only manage their condition, but have a shot at FABULOUS skin. 

Are you with us? 


The first step in our journey was always to bring a range of 'rosacea targetting' products into one place. The intention was to help people looking to try something new, save time and help them more easily navigate the vast product marketplace. 

Our store is now live and we are working hard to: 

  • increase the range of products available

  • provide independent and consistent information on products

  • improve the functionality and simplicity of the store. 

But things don't end there. By supporting us and our store, you can help us make the next steps of the journey a reality. We are already designing solutions to help people:

  • Sort and search by ingredients: We understand that finding the right product can be difficult, which is why you will be able to search products by ingredients. This means that you can focus on finding products that don't contain your known irritants.

  • develop an online, automated and personalised product tracker: Capture products that you've already tried, to build a picture of what does and doesn't work for you. From this we can create customised recommendations based on your past experiences.


I'm so far away from being an expert in beauty and skincare. But I have spent my life grappling with sensitive skin and allergies, and I just didn't believe that having 'great skin' could be for me. 

When my doctor told me I had rosacea, a lot of things fell into place. Although my 'diagnosis' was recent I realise now, that I have had this condition for a really long time and just haven't known it or how to manage it. 

The amount of money I have spent on products that don't work for me - that have left my skin angry and sore - doesn't bear thinking about. And so I'm developing Calm Skins to help people like me navigate the complicated world of skincare. To find what's out there for them, with the knowledge that they already have. 

Beauty is not my passion - I love the sea, the outdoors, the environment: harsh conditions for someone with sensitive skin. But I do passionately want to make a difference in the world (and to people's lives). If I can connect people like me, to better information that is easy to use so we can make better choices, then we are making progress!

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